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Startup Genome is the world-leading innovation ecosystem development organization, having worked with more than 160 economic and innovation ministries and public/private agencies in over 55 countries.

Our strategy clients grow their ecosystem value by an average of 41% per year, 59% faster than their peers. On average, they produced an additional $1.4 billion per year in ecosystem value, from an average of $9.2 billion.


The 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

Ranking the top global ecosystems and emerging ecosystems, the GSER 2024 provides expert insights into the startup landscape.


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Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024

Just launched at London Tech Week! Ranking the top global ecosystems and emerging ecosystems, the GSER 2024 provides expert insights into the startup landscape. Startup communities are also examined from a regional perspective, separately ranking ecosystems in Asia, Europe, Latin America, MENA, North America, Oceania, and sub-Saharan Africa.

The GSER 2024 is powered by the world’s most comprehensive and quality controlled dataset on startup ecosystems. Informed by information on 4.5 million companies across 300+ global ecosystems, our data and insights are the product of over a decade of independent research and policy work.

Introducing the APEXE Nations Report

In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Network, ABStartups, and Startup20, Startup Genome’s inaugural APEXE Nations Report will compare the individual G20 countries in terms of their startup performance and supporting conditions, establishing a standardized methodology for measuring startup economies at a national scale.

The Scaleup Report

How can founders maximize their chances of scaling their startup to a $50 million valuation and beyond? How can policymakers better bolster the startups in their ecosystem to increase the likelihood that they reach unicorn status? 

In this report, we are proud to review our startup and ecosystem Success Factor research and apply it in a new way, in a global longitudinal research study that examines factors that differentiate startups that scaled to $50 million and higher valuations from startups that didn’t.

World-Leading Startup Ecosystem Development

While founders should lead the way, governments are feeders of ecosystem success. We work closely with innovation policy leaders everywhere, producing key insights and implementing best-in-class policies and programs.

Make better decisions and investments to help your startups to grow, scale, and give back in jobs and GDP. Join our global knowledge network and put your city on the map.

London’s tech sector is going from strength-to-strength and I’m proud we’re the tech and innovation capital of Europe. I hope this sends a clear message to aspiring tech entrepreneurs that the capital is a fantastic place to start a business.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor, London, United Kingdom

We are proud to see our city jump 10 spots on the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, and are eager to dig in and do more work so we can continue to climb in the rankings. Tech isn’t the economy of tomorrow, it is the economy today, and by working together with our regional partners, we can ensure that the tech ecosystem in Pittsburgh can create pathways towards prosperity for everyone in our city.

Ed Gainey

Mayor, Pittsburgh U.S.A.

It is neither Delhi nor Hyderabad! Bengaluru ranks above all in India in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022. This ranking mirrors the confidence entrepreneurs & investors globally have in Namma Bengaluru’s ecosystem. We continue to grow & expand our global footprint.

Dr. Ashwath Narayan C N

Minister of Science and Technology, Karnataka, India

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