Ecosystem Development and Programs

Best-Practice Policies And Programs To Drive Action

Developing ecosystem growth and leadership capacity through a network of world-leading experts, such as Prof. Josh Lerner, Angel Resource Institute and Ruben Nieuwenhuis (founder of Startup Amsterdam). The complexity of startup ecosystems calls for focused, staged efforts and smart investment based on specific context, instead of trying to introduce a wide range of policies and programs all at once.
  • Enable Leadership in Your Ecosystem
    Build a keystone organization with the capacity to develop and execute on a clear agenda for action
  • Solve Your Early-Stage Funding Gap
    Introduce an integrated funding program to sustainably grow local pre-seed and seed investments
  • Activate Your Corporate Assets
    Plug your best corporates and startups into a globally connected corporate innovation program
  • Promote Your Sub-Sector Strengths
    Foster clusters of excellence through focused programs and impactful global partnerships
  • Grow Know How and Startup Quality
    Provide meaningful mentorship programs to your most promising startup founders
  • Activate Your Universities
    Leverage global best practices to build a strong talent pipeline from within and fix brain drain issues 

When ‘doing the ordinary extremely well’ is the departure point for your ecosystem leadership team, we guarantee a breeding ground for startups. We can guide you to Do It Yourselves.

Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Startup Amsterdam, Founder and Former CEO

Ecosystem Leadership Group

Build and empower a core leadership team to accelerate ecosystem growth from within. Work with us as sparring partners and access deep knowledge on how to extend leadership, influence roles, and sustain momentum, based on proven initiatives and playbooks. Develop an infrastructure that elevates tech teams and improves their access to talent, capital customers and other ecosystem resources. Become an internationally visible tech hub with a differentiating brand and claim.

The vast experience of Startup Genome enabled us to drive forward the development and implementation of innovative initiatives in our ecosystem.

Pavel Koktyshev

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC

Integrated Funding Program

Lay the foundation for startup experience and scaleup creation. Improve access to early-stage funding before it turns into a chronic issue. Maximize the ROI of your funding schemes by assessing and engaging your private sector. Train founders, angels, angel communities and VCs in parallel. Implement an integrated funding program to support the development of your investment community, together with the Angel Resource Institute and Prof. Josh Lerner, author of the bible of funding programs “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

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