Ecosystem Monitor

Obtain Actionable Numbers and Benchmark Your Startup Ecosystem

Compare your ecosystem to a few benchmarks ecosystems of your choice. 

Monitor key factors and trends of your ecosystem’s development and success through the following Monitors: Ecosystem Lifecycle, Performance, Funding, Talent, Community and Sub-Sector.

Reports to review trends and insights with your team to extract key insights and relate them to your actions.

  • Produce a Precise Assessment of Relative GapsStandardized data collection and metrics enable robust assessment and global benchmarking
  • Develop a Baseline and Build Consensus Deliver a data-driven analysis from a trusted third party to find common ground and move to action. Without reliable data and benchmarks providing context to growth and contraction rates, local leaders often disagree on how to assess results and therefore on actions to be taken.
  • Identify Your Areas of Strength Conduct our standardized sub-sector assessment to quantify your clusters of excellence in the global context
  • Share Learnings with Experts and PeersJoin our network meetings with world-leading innovation policy experts and build strong partnerships rapidly
  • Most Complete DatasetWe are the only one to combine the 3 largest databases (Crunchbase, PitchBook, Dealroom) plus your local data, removing duplicates PLUS correcting miss-categorization through a machine-learning algorithm built and tested by 45 governments over the last 3 years.
  • Highest Quality DatasetCleaning data using an AI engine and machine learning techniques plus manual cleaning of exits and funding rounds by ecosystem and industry experts
  • Quality SegmentationRe-categorizing of the startups by sectors and subsectors using AI, Machine Learning and NLP
  • True Performance Assessment Apples-to-Apples benchmarks give the ability to select peers across 280 major cities and regions

Hear from our Head of Ecosystem Strategy, Stephan Kuester with Dr. Kate Cornick, CEO of LaunchVic, Melbourne Victoria's State Government's use of the 360 Monitor

Listen to Arnobio Morelix describe the Ecosystem 360 Monitor.

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