Startups Drive Growth

The total value creation of the global startup economy reached $2.3 trillion from 2015 to 2017. Startups matter. Our data, programs, and advice to key ecosystem leaders help them succeed.

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019

The most widely read publication on global startup ecosystems, based on data from over 1 million companies across 150 cities. Founders, investors, policy leaders, and journalists alike consider our reports required reading.

The Science of Effective Startup Acceleration

Accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and other startup support programs can be key pillars of a thriving startup ecosystem. Measuring their individual impact is a complex task.

Together with some of the world's leading Startup Support Organizations and Programs (SSOPs) we defined key indicators to further drive program effectiveness and startup success.

World-Leading Startup Ecosystem Development

While founders should lead the way, governments are feeders of ecosystem success. We work closely with innovation policy leaders everywhere, producing key insights and implementing best-in-class policies and programs.

Make better decisions and investments to help your startups to grow, scale, and give back in jobs and GDP. Join our global knowledge network and put your city on the map.

Startup Genome is a great addition to the entrepreneurial research world.

Mark Anthony Thomas

Senior Vice President, Partnerships at New York City Economic Development Corporation

We appreciate Startup Genome’s ability to use the global data and approach to constantly compare and benchmark what we are doing with other global ecosystems.

Stephan Kuester

Head of International Consulting, Tech City UK

I love Startup Genome's reports. The work they are doing is super powerful for us to be able to benchmark ourselves and assess our progress.

Sylvain Carle

Partner, Real Ventures

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