GSER 2023 Launching June 15

The world’s most comprehensive research on startups, with data from over 3.5 million companies across 290+ entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report

About #GSER 2023


Informed by data on 3.5 million startups across 290+ global ecosystems, the report provides compelling new insights and deep knowledge about startup trends including the impact of inflation, AI regulation, talent attraction, trends in global VC funding, and sub-sector analyses. Contributions from expert thought leaders and local key players further enrich the report’s extensive, evidence-based findings and rankings, which are the product of over a decade of Startup Genome’s independent research and policy work.

Launching at The Next Web Conference 2023

Join us at TNW Conference on June 15.

3pm—3:40pm at Vision

Empowering Tomorrow: Unveiling Startup Genome's Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023

3:00—3:10: Key Findings From the GSER 2023

  • JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO, Startup Genome

3:10—3:40: Panel Discussion

  • Stephan Kuester, Head of Ecosystem Strategy
  • Leigh-Ann Buchanan, President, Miami-Dade Innovation Authority
  • Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Special Envoy,
  • Hiro Nishiguchi, Managing Director, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Japan

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