The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022 Coming June 14th

The world’s most comprehensive research on startups, with data from over 3 million companies across 280+ entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report - 10th Anniversary Edition

About #GSER 2022


The GSER 2022 ranks the top 30 and 10 runner-up global ecosystems, and includes a top 100 ranking of emerging ecosystems. It also takes a look at startup communities from a regional perspective, separately ranking ecosystems in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, MENA, North America, and Oceania.

This year's report includes exclusive founder-focused articles from thought leaders and experts around the world. Highlights include:

  • Dhaval Chadha, co-founder of Justos, advises on what founders need to know before they start fundraising
  • Joel Solomon, chairman of Renewal Funds, discusses the importance of aligning your values with your business from the start.
  • Mari Sako, professor of management studies, and Matthias Qian, post-doctoral student, of Saïd Business School, examine when diversity in startups helps, and when it hurts.
  • Damilola Teidi-Ayoola, director of startup support at CCHub, discusses the importance of founders creating and seeking out community.
  • Susan Amat, director of entrepreneurship initiatives at Miami Herbert Business School and executive director of GEN Accelerates, provides insight into mentorship.

In addition, this 10th anniversary edition takes a look at how startup ecosystems around the world have evolved since 2012.

Launching at London Tech Week

The GSER 2022 will launch
at LTW's Elevating Founders Event
June 14, 2022, 11 am BST 

The UK’s tech flagship event will return on June 13 to bring together 20,000+ global government and corporate leaders, inspirational startup founders, senior investors, and tech rising stars to discuss the power of technology for societies. 

The week-long festival will focus on the following core topics:

  • Exploring the next generation of tech innovation  
  • Impactful innovation at scale
  • Building a thriving tech industry

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