London Leads: Discover Europe’s Top Startup Ecosystems

London, The Netherlands, and Paris Head the Top European Ecosystems in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024.
Kelly Wolfgang
on July 05, 2024

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024 includes a list of the top ecosystems by region. The criteria for inclusion in the list are that the ecosystem either needs to be ranked in the Top 40 Global Leaders or Top 200 Emerging Ecosystems or have an Ecosystem Value greater than $200 million.

Top Thirty European Ecosystems

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Key Findings

European ecosystems have shown impressive growth in the GSER 2024. Insights include:

  • Nine European ecosystems are in the Top 40.

  • London stays Europe’s Top performing ecosystem, ranking #1 in Europe and the globally as the #2 Startup Ecosystem (in a tie with New York City).

  • The Netherlands moved up one spot, both regionally and globally, to #2 in Europe, and #13 in the Global Ranking. The ecosystem created $96 billion in Ecosystem Value from Jul 01, 2021 to Dec 31, 2023. Ecosystem Value is a measure of economic impact, calculated as the value of exits and startup valuations.

  • Paris moved up one place to #3 in Europe. It is the rare ecosystem that has not had a steep drop in its number of exits since 2021 – its 289 total exits from 2022 to 2023 is 5th most globally.

  • Zurich moved up five ranks to #31 in the GSER 2024. It had five large exits, tied for 8th among European ecosystems.

  • Munich moved four ranks to #33 with seven large exits, tied for 5th among European ecosystems.

  • In 2023, Copenhagen Fintech startups secured the 3rd most VC funding per capita among the Top 10 European ecosystems.

  • Baku’s Ecosystem Value increased over 40% between GSER 2022 and GSER 2024.

Ecosystem Leaders Celebrate the Rankings

London - #1

“We’re proud to see London ranked as the #2 ecosystem globally - a testament to our excellent business credentials, exciting investment landscape, and talented people. London is attractive and resilient and the results prove it once more!” says Janet Coyle, CBE, Managing Director of Grow London at London & Partners.

The Netherlands - #2

“The Netherlands is emerging in 2024 with two newly-minted unicorns, solid investment performance in Deep Tech, and an increase in university spin outs. The ecosystem is doubling down on essential sectors such as Health, Food, and Semiconductors,” says Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy, Techleap.

Istanbul - #16

“With its strategic geographical advantages, friendly investment environment, and young, dynamic population, Istanbul is a promising choice for launching a startup. Several Istanbul startups have recently achieved unicorn status, with many more on the way!" says Mehmet Fatih KACIR, Minister of Industry and Technology, Republic of Türkiye.

A Detailed Look

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