Sydney Leads: Discover Oceania’s Top Startup Ecosystems

Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand Head the Top Oceania Ecosystems in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024.
Kelly Wolfgang
on June 28, 2024

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024 includes a list of the top ecosys,tems by region. The criteria for inclusion in the list are that the ecosystem either needs to be ranked in the Top 40 Global Leaders or Top 200 Emerging Ecosystems or have an Ecosystem Value greater than $200 million.

Top Seven Oceania Ecosystems

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Key Findings

Oceania ecosystems have shown impressive growth in the GSER 2024. Insights include:

  • Melbourne moved up one place to be the #32 Global Startup Ecosystem and the #1 Oceania Ecosystem in Talent & Experience, measuring long-term trends over the most significant performance factors and the ability to generate and keep talent in the ecosystem.

  • Adelaide is the #1 Oceania Ecosystem in Affordable Talent, measuring the ability to hire tech talent and the #3 Oceania Ecosystem in Bang for Buck, measuring the amount of runway tech startups acquire, on average, from a VC round.

Ecosystem Leaders Celebrate the Rankings

Sydney - #1

“Sydney has the #1 ranked startup ecosystem in Oceania and with anchor tenants like Atlassian and Block, the appeal of Tech Central is genuinely global. Whether you’re in London, Tokyo or Mumbai, everyone knows the value of locating near these unicorns,” says Katie Knight, CEO, Investment NSW.

Melbourne - #2

“The Victorian startup ecosystem, while still young, has shown consistent and incremental growth since 2016. It’s important we continue to drive this growth via programs that support startup creation and through measures that address the early-stage funding gap for startups in Victoria,” says Professor Kate Cornick, CEO, LaunchVic.

Brisbane - #4

“Brisbane has developed an innovation-focused biomedical research ecosystem fit for the 21st century, supported by strengthening linkages between leaders in basic science, clinical research, and industry, and by commitment from universities, hospitals, and the Queensland government,” says Professor Ian Frazer, Queensland Biomedical Advisor.

A Detailed Look

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