The Global Startup Ecosystem Report: Cleantech Edition

About Entrepreneurship for Climate

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Entrepreneurship for Climate was created by the leaders of several influential organizations from around the globe. We are bringing our networks together to accelerate momentum. Together we are committing to solving the scaleup gap that has held back the climate impact of green technologies.

We are dedicated to forming global networks that unite startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, and governments. Collectively, we will mobilize millions of people and thousands of thought leaders to join our movement and build global network solutions to the Cleantech scaleup gap.


Solving the Scaleup Gap in Cleantech

Working to Create the Global Category Leaders of the Net-Zero Economy

To reach net zero while achieving SDGs across communities and continents, we believe that:

  • Entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems must lead the fight against climate change.
  • We must work together to remove the barriers that have held back the successful scaling and massive impact potential of Cleantech startups.
  • We will overcome these barriers by forming global networks that unite capital, expertise, and public policy to produce the kind of break-out successes (e.g. unicorns) that are way too rare in the green space.

Finally, we believe that time is running out.

Therefore, we are calling together global and local leaders to join us in:

  • Catalyzing demand-side policies that enable deployment-led innovation in interconnected markets and cultivate winners rather than experiments.
  • Mobilizing capital with mentorship by building global angel investor syndicates that bring industry expertise and global customer relationships.
  • Bringing scaling skills and business experience to passionate Cleantech entrepreneurs.
  • Combining venture investors with foundations and government funds to create larger and more patient capital.

Let's reframe the debate, pointing to successes and the right metrics, including direct and indirect jobs created by greener solutions, rather than lost jobs or the costs of transition.

So we don’t have (much) time and the startup culture is known for embracing collaborative problem solving, optimism, and rapid impact.

This approach lets us come together with activists, collaborating and respecting each other’s roles. As business leaders, we must be responsible for driving this plan forward and putting innovation into concrete action, clearing a path for governments to develop coherent supporting policies.

It is time to accelerate the success rate and scale the impact of Cleantech. We must move at startup speeds.

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