Tokyo’s Tech Ecosystem By the Numbers

Tokyo is celebrated in the 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Report - ranking as the #10 Global Startup Ecosystem, moving up five spots from GSER 2023.
Franzis Walther
on June 28, 2024

Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Startup Genome have teamed up to spotlight Tokyo’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report:

  • Ranking as the #10 Global Startup Ecosystem, moving up five spots from GSER 2023

  • #4 ecosystem in the Asia Region

  • The ecosystem created $66 billion in Ecosystem Value from Jul 01, 2021 to Dec 31, 2023. Ecosystem Value is a measure of economic impact, calculated as the value of exits and startup valuations.

  • #1 Global Ecosystem and #1 Asia Ecosystem in Knowledge — measures innovation through research and patent activity

  • Top 10 Global Ecosystem and #4 Asia Ecosystem in Talent & Experience — measures long-term trends over the most significant performance factors

  • Top 15 Global Ecosystem and #5 Asia Ecosystem in Performance — measures the size and performance of an ecosystem based on the accumulated tech startup value created from exits and funding

  • Top 15 Global Ecosystem and #3 Asia Ecosystem in Funding — measures innovation through early-stage funding and investor’s activity

  • The Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, Fintech, and Life Sciences sectors are highlighted for their density of talent, support resources, and startup activity

  • The Access to Tokyo initiative, bureaucratic assistance and a subsidy for setting up and registering businesses, and migration support to startup founders are cited as reasons a startup should move to the ecosystem

“Tokyo aims to become the world’s most startup-friendly city with efforts including Tokyo Innovation Base as the center for startups and their supporters and SusHi Tech Tokyo Global Startup Program uniting a global community of participants.” — Keiichi Yoshimura, Director General, Office for Startup and Global Financial City Strategy, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo’s thriving ecosystem boasts strengths across multiple sectors. With significant government investment in advanced manufacturing and robotics, initiatives like VUILD’s Learning Architecture for Learners drive innovation. In Fintech, entities like FINOLAB support startup growth, while organizations like LINK-J and CIC Tokyo foster Life Sciences innovation. Combined with market access, technical infrastructure upgrades, and dedicated support mechanisms like the Tokyo Innovation Base, Tokyo remains a global innovation hub. Initiatives like the global late-stage scaling program Hypergrowth Tokyo, a joint effort between Startup Genome and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, propel the best Tokyo tech companies into successful global commercialization and expansion into international target markets.

"Startup Genome is eager to highlight the remarkable continued growth and success observed in the Tokyo startup community," shares Marc Penzel, Founder & President of Startup Genome. "We extend our gratitude to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for their pivotal role within an expanding network of the world's innovation policy leaders."

For more insights and an overview of Tokyo’s startup landscape, visit the Tokyo ecosystem page.

To learn more about startup ecosystems around the world, view the full, free Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

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