Hub71 Launches Abu Dhabi’s Ecosystem Platform Portal

Abu Dhabi’s ecosystem platform portal and monitor were launched at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam
Tricia Whitlock
on July 24, 2023

The 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) and Abu Dhabi’s ecosystem platform portal and monitor were launched on June 15th The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. The GSER is powered by the world’s most comprehensive and quality-controlled dataset on startup ecosystems. Informed by data on 3.5 million startups across 290+ global ecosystems, the report provides compelling new insights and deep knowledge about startup trends around the world. Key themes of this year's report include inflation, AI regulation, talent attraction, global VC funding, and a wide range of market sub-sector analyses.

Hub71 has partnered with Startup Genome to recognize Abu Dhabi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in the #GSER2023 —

  • Abu Dhabi created $3,925,281,571 in ecosystem value from Jul 01, 2020 to Dec 31, 2022, representing 134% in compound annual growth compared with 01 Jul 2018 - 31 Dec 2020. Ecosystem value is a measure of economic impact, calculated as the value of Exits and startup valuations.

  • Top 5 MENA Ecosystem in Bang for Buck — measures the amount of runway tech startups acquire, on average, from a VC round

  • Top 5 MENA Ecosystem in Talent & Experience — measures long term trends over the most significant performance factors and the ability to generate and keep talent in the ecosystem

  • Top 5 MENA Ecosystem in Funding — measures innovation through early stage funding and investor’s activity

  • Top 5 MENA Ecosystem in Performance — measures the size and performance of an ecosystem based on the accumulated tech startup value created from exits and funding

  • Top 10 MENA Ecosystem in Knowledge — measures innovation through research and patent activity

  • Top 15 MENA Ecosystem in Affordable Talent — measures the ability to hire tech talent

  • The Fintech, Cleantech, and Agtech & New Food sectors are highlighted for their density of talent, support resources, and startup activity

  • The Golden Visa program and its strategic location are cited as reasons a startup should move to Abu Dhabi

“As global economic transformation specialists and policy advisors, we're extremely proud of the impressive performance of Abu Dhabi in the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report," shares Marc Penzel, Founder & President of Startup Genome. "Working with Hub71, we continue to witness and shape exciting new policy and program developments that result in the Emirates' continued rise in the rankings."

Hub71 has also partnered with Startup Genome and Dealroom to produce data-driven insights on Abu Dhabi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in a newly launched Ecosystem Portal and 360 Monitor. These new tools expose key factors and trends in ecosystem development and benchmark the startup ecosystem to identify and measure competitive positioning and strengths relative to hundreds of ecosystems across startup sub-sectors. The portal and monitor officially launched at Startup Genome’s Ecosystem Leadership Forum, a ​​convening of a high-profile network of private and public policy leaders, held during TNW Conference.

ABOUT HUB71 - Hub71 is Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem that enables founders to build globally enduring homegrown tech companies in any sector by providing access to global markets, a capital ecosystem, a global network of partners, and a vibrant community filled with highly skilled talent, governed by forward-thinking regulation.

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