The Global Startup Ecosystem Report Climatetech Edition


A project such as this can only be realized with an enormous effort from both the project team and external supporters. Several partners have invested significant resources into the project. Numerous advisors, founders, investors, and industry experts have given us access to their knowledge, networks, and time because they support our vision and want to move their ecosystem and the whole startup sector forward. Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone who contributed towards making this project possible.

Startup Genome Authors

JF Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer
Marc Penzel, President
Stephan Keuster, Head of Ecosystem Strategy
Forrest Wright, Research Assessment Lead
Hazel Boydell, Editor-in-Chief

External Authors

Todd Allmendinger, Director of Consulting & Research, Cleantech Group

Project Team

Startup Genome

JF Gauthier, Founder & CEO

Marc Penzel, Founder & President

Stephan Keuster, Head of Ecosystem Strategy

Tricia Naik, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Christopher Haley, Head of Research

Hazel Boydell, Editor-in-Chief

Rahul Chatterjee, Director, Global Operations & MD, Delhi

Adam Bregu, Head of Growth

Pranav Arya, Director, Ecosystem Strategy

Parshant Sharma, Data Science Lead

Sama Siddiqui, Member Relationship Lead

Forrest Wright, Research Assessment Lead

Ethan Webster, Manager, Ecosystem Research & Strategy

Marina Krizman, Senior Business Development Specialist

Kelly Wolfgang, Content Coordinator
Shreesh Dubey, Operations Manager

Ananya Sharma, Operations Support Coordinator

Rahul Kumar, Data Scientist

Aman Bansal, Data Scientist

Naajid Sarosh, Data Engineer

Tanishq Malik, Senior Business Analyst

Parth Arora, Business Analyst

Parisaa Tripathi, Business Analyst
Franzis Walther, Project Management Consultant

Jihane El Atifi, Events, Accounts & Partnerships Consultant
Fernando Jardim, Business Development Manager

Anna Chadwell, Business Development and Partnerships Lead

Pavan Kumar, Manager of Sales Operations & CRM Administrator

Shekhar Parihar, Process Lead, Lead Generation & CRM Support

Neha Thapliyal, Business Development Assistant

Ana Lucia Osorio, Executive Assistant to the CEO
Manu Sinha, Data Science Intern
Riddhi Sehgal, Research and Consulting Intern

Litslink, Website Development

Sara Inglês, Designer

MyStartupCFO, Finance & Accounting

Image Credits

All images taken from Unsplash