The Global Hypergrowth Tokyo program

A Global Late-Stage Scaling Program

Startup Genome and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are excited to introduce Global Hypergrowth Tokyo, a global late-stage scaling program. The inaugural Tokyo cohort launches March 2024. The initiative aims to propel the best Tokyo tech companies into successful global commercialization and expansion into international target markets.

The companies selected are some of the most exciting scaleups in Tokyo - Including many deep tech, healthtech and AI companies. The cohort (listed below) has raised close to 100mn USD in total in funding as they look to expand overseas, with customers based in the US, Europe and Asia.

  • Aerosense Proprietary industrial drones with cloud services to provide drone solutions that are easy to use in a variety of industrial setting
  • Aladdin Solving waste management challenges with robots and AI

  • Auxilart Hybrid modeling solutions for the design and optimization of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

  • BIOTECHWORKS-H2 A global initiative towards decarbonization by turning waste to hydrogen

  • bitBiome A synbio company striving to power the bioeconomy with enzyme services and products from our database of over 1.5 billion unique microbial sequences

  • Capex.AI Maximizing digital marketing and sales outcomes through Conversational AI

  • Elephantech World-first solution manufacturing PCBs using metal inkjet printing

  • Fermenstation Original fermentation technology turning plant waste to functional materials

  • Flying Cell Groundbreaking regenerative medicine using magnetic targeting

  • Green Carbon Nature based one stop carbon credit solution provider

  • Helical Fusion Creating a sustainable and stable energy source from fusion reactors.

  • NGENIESS Biosciences Produce biodrugs, diagnostic products, and research chemicals using site-specific bioconjugation technology

  • I'mbesideyou Empowering businesses, personal relationships, and individuals' mental health through AI

  • PEEL Lab Enabling brands and corporations to replace leather with plant based alternatives

  • Pi-xcels App-less NFC e-receipts, delivered seamlessly via a tap

  • Pixie Dust Technologies Building products and services utilizing interface technologies based on sound and light

  • THE RICH Unique shampoo manufacturer, using technology made entirely from silk

  • RICOS Empower your product design with our 3D-based AI algorithm

  • SCM BioMedica Pioneering use of early memory T-cells to create safe and effective cancer immunotherapies

  • TBM Co Using limestone as the main raw material to mold alternative products to plastic and paper.

  • Yukai Engineering Robotics for Fun Living

  • 99 InfoSystems AI technology that empowers businesses and governments globally

We look forward to this program to help us achieve our goal of "10x the number of unicorns from Tokyo”. We also look forward to the further globalization of Tokyo's startup ecosystem as a result of this program.

Chieto Misumi

Director, New Ventures Support Section Commerce and Industry Division Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

More About the Program

  • High-growth startups: a vector of economic, social, and environmental impact - Hypergrowth focuses on high-growth startups, recognizing them as drivers of economic growth and competitiveness, and creators of sustainable jobs and societal wellbeing. 

  • Hypergrowth stage: going global - Hypergrowth acknowledges the challenges for startups expanding globally, offering a solution to navigate global expansion through introductions to deep overseas networks. As the primary challenge for scaleups is their limited access to executives with scaling and global commercialization expertise Hypergrowth will provide 22 companies from Tokyo with access to global mentors, expert scaling advice from leading executives, go to market support and connections to potential new customers and investors as they significantly increase their international expansion capabilities.

  • Significant gap of support for the fastest growing scaleups - The program addresses a significant support gap for fast-growing scaleups, as most efforts traditionally concentrate on early-stage startups.

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