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There will be no "Next Silicon Valley," there will be 30. Learn more about the future of startup ecosystems, female founders, Agtech, and more in this extension of the GSER 2019.

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Geographies of Innovation

Which startup ecosystems are growing the fastest? What are the best ecosystems for female founders? Which ones are growing fastest in the sub-sectors of Cleantech, Agtech, and New Food? Answers to these questions — and dozens of other insights — can be found in the new Global Startup Ecosystem Report Series.

Top Startup Ecosystems

Today, there are five ecosystems that have as much VC funding in startups as Silicon Valley had in 1998 — the year Google was founded.

Deep Tech Rising

Nearly half (45%) of startups being created globally now are in Deep Tech-related sub-sectors — twice the share they made up in 2010-2011.

Unprecedented Wealth and Continued Disparity

Over two-thirds (68%) of tech exit value is created and captured by the top 10 cities globally. This concentration, however, appears to be declining. It was 87% in 2011-2012.

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