Startup Genome and T-Hub Partner to Promote Hyderabad Startups

Startup Genome and T-Hub are working together to build on entrepreneurial successes.
Tricia Whitlock
on May 14, 2020

​Startup Genome and T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today announced a partnership to help Hyderabad’s entrepreneurs by studying and showcasing its startup ecosystem.

With more than 100 clients in 38 countries across five continents, Startup Genome is the leading research and policy advisory organization for governments committed to advancing their startup ecosystems. Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), the world’s most comprehensive research on startups, will include Hyderabad and notable local startups in the 2020 edition.

“Hyderabad’s tech ecosystem has enormous potential to reshape the economy locally and nationally,” said JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome. “We are proud to feature this growing ecosystem in the GSER to help the community gain more global exposure as a leading Indian tech hub.”

T-Hub has built a world-class organization with value systems, culture, and governance structures, serving as a role model for other innovation ecosystems. T-Hub has provided over 1,100 national and international startups with access to mentors, customers, investors, and talent. T-Hub’s corporate innovation practice has worked with Facebook, Boeing, Uber, amongst others.

The organization’s new partnership with Startup Genome will create more opportunities for local startups to get national and international exposure.

Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub, said, “T-Hub has focused on creating inspiring startup stories in Telangana and India for startups and ecosystem players. The Telangana innovation ecosystem is maturing in the right direction, as is evident from the number of new startups emerging, the recent increase in funding, and the influx of startups from other states to Hyderabad. We are an innovation ecosystem enabler, driven by creating meaningful impact for startups, corporates, government, academia, amongst others. We are excited to partner with Startup Genome to create thought leadership in the space of building innovation ecosystems and help other ecosystems globally.”

About T-Hub
T-Hub enables and empowers an ecosystem hungry for innovation. Based in Hyderabad, it leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models - based on interaction and collaboration between the industry, academia and the government. Incorporated in 2015, T-Hub has served over 1,100 national and international startups and provided thought leadership for Telangana and other state and central government organizations to build innovation ecosystems. It has elevated innovation for leading national and global corporates, transforming enterprise business models for the better.

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