Global Startup Ecosystem Report: Cleantech Edition

Global rankings and insights into the world’s Cleantech startup ecosystems
Startup Genome
on January 25, 2022

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER): Cleantech Edition from Startup Genome has launched today at CleanTech Forum San Francisco, introduced by JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome. The GSER is the world’s most comprehensive and widely read research on startups with 280 entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems and 3 million startups analyzed.

The Cleantech Edition dives deep into the globally competitive landscape of technology-based startups focused on reducing environmental impact and solving the scaleup gap in Cleantech. This includes startups dedicated to renewable energy, transportation, logistics, and more. Key highlights from the Cleantech Edition include:

  • The top five Cleantech ecosystems are Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles. This is the first time that Stockholm has entered the top five, and the first time that Tel Aviv has ranked this high since 2012.

  • North America and Europe dominate the top 25 Cleantech ecosystems, with 44% and 40% respectively. Asia has two ecosystems in the top 25, and MENA and Oceania each have one.

  • The second quarter of 2021 saw 77% growth in the number of Series B+ deals compared to the same quarter in 2020, an all-time high.

  • While Asia saw a decline in Series A deals in recent years, it recorded a 2x increase in total late-stage investments (Series B+) in 2020, from $1.17 billion in 2019 to $2.47 billion, driven in part by several huge investments in EV companies.

  • Post-money valuation of Cleantech companies increased by 23% in 2020 and 176% in 2021.

  • Cleantech companies have the highest age at transaction of any sub-sector, with the average company taking 3.8 years to reach Series A and 5.5 years to reach Series B – almost eight months and 11 months longer than for tech startups across sectors. 

“Entrepreneurial innovation is essential to winning the fight against climate change,” shares JF Gauthier, Founder & CEO of Startup Genome, “and it will lead the way to net-zero only if we work together to eliminate the Cleantech scaleup gap so startups succeed in scaling globally at a much higher rate than now.” Within the report, Cleantech ecosystems are ranked based on many factors including ecosystem performance, sub-sector strengths, success factor gaps, ecosystem lifecycle, and peer benchmarking. The report includes contributed articles from Cleantech experts including: Fred Walti, Patrick Gagné, Frans Nauta, Matt Toner, and Bianca Dragomir. Several global partners also aided in the creation of this report including Innovate BC and Foresight Canada.

View the full report here:

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