Startup Genome Expands Internal Research Team

Startup Genome
on February 08, 2022

Startup Genome is growing its research team with two incredibly talented hires, Hazel Boydell, Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Christopher Haley, Head of Research. These individuals will play a crucial role in developing policy-centric research, the annual Global Startup Ecosystem Report — the world’s most comprehensive and widely read research on startups — and related sub-sector reports.

The first new member to join the research team is Dr. Christopher Haley, Head of Research. He was formerly head of new technology and startup research at Nesta, the UK innovation foundation. Prior to Nesta, Dr. Haley worked for several years in university technology transfer and enterprise strategy, earned a first class degree in Natural Sciences, a PhD in History & Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge, and a Diploma in Strategy & Innovation from the University of Oxford.

Dr. Christopher Haley

Dr. Haley also holds advisory roles with the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship, the UK Intellectual Property Office, and the ScaleUp Institute. He is a 'Startup Europe' Ambassador, a Policy Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, and a Senior Fellow at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. He also consults as a Senior Entrepreneurship Strategy Specialist at The World Bank. Dr. Haley previously helped run the Startup Europe Partnership — a pan-European programme dedicated to promoting corporate-startup collaboration — and was part of the secretariat of the European Digital Forum, dedicated to helping digital startups scale across Europe. "I'm very pleased to be supporting Startup Genome's efforts to promote entrepreneurship across the world,” says Dr. Haley. “The need for startups to help drive economic growth and wider innovation has never been more apparent, and it is hugely important for ecosystems everywhere to maximize their potential. I am delighted to contribute to that goal by strengthening Startup Genome's research and policy advisory capacity."

Hazel Boydell

Joining Dr. Haley is Hazel Boydell, Editor-in-Chief of Startup Genome. Ms. Boydell leads the research team to create the Global Startup Ecosystem Report and other publications. Originally from Manchester, England, she lived in Vancouver, Canada for many years before relocating to Lisbon, Portugal in 2017. As an experienced editor and avid reader, Ms. Boydell studied journalism and English before completing Columbia University’s publishing course. After working in independent trade book publishing for many years, she moved into the world of entrepreneurship as Startup Guide’s Editor-in-Chief before joining Startup Genome. “I’m excited to join the Startup Genome team and expand the scope of our publications to new areas of interest. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship and technology should be accessible to everyone and aim to reach new audiences at every sector of society and around the globe,” Ms. Boydell shares.

Startup Genome warmly welcomes both employees aboard and celebrates their continued contributions.

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