Member Spotlight: Three Sub-Sectors We're Watching in Taipei City

Startup Genome
on January 14, 2019
The secret is out on Taipei City. The startup hotbed has some of the most tech-savvy citizens worldwide with 88% of locals connected to the internet and 75% owning a smartphone. Taipei's techie talent base is supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science & Technology which has invested a tremendous amount of resources and capital to boost the local startup ecosystem. Taiwan also has a history of economic prowess: the country has produced the largest electronics contract manufacturing company and two of the largest pure-play chipmakers. Now, Taipei City is strategically developing a globally competitive startup ecosystem with a focus on AI, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics.

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Here, we provide some highlights of how well those sub-sectors are developing in Taipei City. For a deeper dive, be sure to check out Startup Genome’s 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

AI, Big Data & Analytics

  • The AI, Big Data and Analytics market is Taipei City’s leading startup sub-sector in terms of VC investment allocation between 2012 and 2017.

  • A driving force is AppWorks, an accelerator and VC fund with 323 alumni generating a combined annual revenue of $1 billion.

  • AI applications for Advanced Manufacturing are particularly promising for Taipei City, yet the ecosystem is producing success stories in different fields like commerce-focused, Appier, which has raised more than $80 million.

  • In September, the GEC+ event in Taipei City focused on "enabling social impact" through AI, and Startup Genome CEO JF Gauthier spoke at the event.


  • Taipei City’s Biotech sector is expected to reach $120 billion in production by 2025.

  • Roughly 18% of local VC investment between 2012 and 2017 went into Biotech, solidifying it as the second strongest sub-sector.

  • Success stories in this space include the Taiwan Liposome Company, TaiMed Biologics, and JHL Biotech.

Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics

  • As a leading hardware hub with strong R&D capabilities and IP protection, the demand for efficient computing and integrated circuits is on the rise in Taipei City as much as the demand for machine intelligence (so-called AIoT).

  • Startups like industrial AI company Thingnario are built around this demand, exploiting machine intelligence and deep learning to predict operational key insights, such as energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

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