Job Opening: Chief Financial Officer

Startup Genome is looking for a CFO to drive the company’s financial strategy, track cash flows and financial planning, and analyze the company's financial strengths and weaknesses.
Startup Genome
on November 30, 2023


  • Take responsibility for all cash management, investments, insurance, budgeting, and financial reporting, and help drive the company’s financial strategy and hiring needs

  • Coordinate development of annual operating, capital, and program budgets, as well as reporting for the same

  • Ensure cash flow is compatible with operations by overseeing day-to-day accounting, recording, reporting, and internal-control activities of the organization

  • Develop and implement best practices and tools to ensure a well-controlled yet flexible organization that has strong fiscal management, project coordination, cross-team communications, and workflows

  • Creating a series B fund


  • Work with senior managers to efficiently develop budget proposals, provide access to project finance information, and ensure contract compliance and reporting

  • Research revenue opportunities and economic trends, analyze internal operations, and identify areas for cost reduction and process enhancement

  • Perform risk management through analysis of company liabilities and investments, and evaluate and manage capital structure and fundraising initiatives

  • Monitor business performance with tracking tools, establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports for earnings calls, management team, and rest of company

  • Manage finance personnel and oversee financial IT systems, ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory entities (ex: Financial Accounting Standards Board, Internal Revenue Service, state attorneys general)

Required skills and qualifications

  • Five or more years of experience in executive leadership roles

  • Excellent leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity

  • Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills

  • Understanding of advanced accounting, regulatory issues, and tax planning

  • Working knowledge of how to raise capital outside traditional lines of credit

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent experience) in accounting, business accounting, or finance

  • International finance experience

  • Experience in mergers and acquisitions and investor relations

  • Professional certification (ex: Certified Public Accountant)

Quick Facts

Location: San Francisco Area

Experience: 5+ years in a related role

Compensation: Competitive, based on experience, skills

Reporting to: JF Gauthier, CEO

How to Apply

Please send a brief cover letter stating your motivation in applying for the position and your resume or CV to

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