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Read the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 in Japanese
Franzis Walther
on November 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Japanese translation of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 (GSER 2023), made possible through our partnership with RouteX. This translation plays a pivotal role in bridging crucial information gaps within the startup ecosystem, where language serves as a vital connector. With the launch of the Japanese edition, we aim to empower our readers in Japan with a deeper understanding of the global startup ecosystem.

“I trust that this report will serve as a pivotal guide not only for national and local governments but also for the private sector, providing a roadmap for activities aligned with global standards," says Masahiro Tsukao, COO, RouteX.

The 2023 edition of the report paints a complex picture. While the previous year saw unprecedented investments in startups across cities and regions, the ongoing events of global conflict have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the market. Consequently, there has been a noticeable decrease in late-stage investments across regions, making 2023 a year of strategic reorientation for cities renowned as startup hubs. Despite these challenges, regional cities have shown commendable resilience, demonstrating steady growth in the startup ecosystem.

Highlights from Asia:

  • Tokyo, the only Japanese ecosystem in the top 30 and runners-up rankings, sits at #15, down from last year's #12 mainly due to the quicker growth of other ecosystems.
  • Seven Asian ecosystems are in the top 30 ranking, with a further three in the runners-up list.
  • Singapore has jumped 10 places in the ranking to #8, the second-highest ranked Asian ecosystem after Beijing.
  • Two Chinese cities feature in the top 30: Beijing and Shanghai at #7 and #9, and two in the runners-up: Shenzhen and Hangzhou at #35 and #38.
  • India has two cities in the top 30 and one in the runners-up, all moving up at least two places. Bengaluru-Karnataka, the highest-ranked ecosystem at #20, rose two places.
  • Seoul ranks at #12, a drop of two places from last year’s report.

“My expectation is that this Japanese edition will provide our readers in Japan with a comprehensive understanding of global startup ecosystem standards, assisting them in their day-to-day business transactions and community engagements,” says Tsukao.

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RouteX is a knowledge group that aggregates and understands information related to startups from around the world and conducts research/consulting businesses with the mission “toward a world without information asymmetry.''

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