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Quantifying the Impact of Public Policy on Startups During the COVID-19 Pandemic
JF Gauthier
on April 14, 2020

Policymakers all over the world have been working around the clock to support their economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have already launched several policies but everywhere there is still much to be done.

Two weeks ago we decided with our Global Advisory Board to roll up our sleeves and capture actions that each is taking so we can share them and learn from each other, building policies leveraging the good work of many others. Soon we opened the knowledge to all of our members and by now, more than 45 countries had contributed policies.

Today we are happy to share the result of our collective efforts with the world, so we can help more cities and countries, more businesses, startups and people.

In parallel we launched a global startup survey to quantify the impact in terms of revenue loss and layoffs. Combining policy action and survey results is powerful. It will allow us to demonstrate the impact of good policy – and the negative impact of lack of policy – and give you arguments for advocating for action. Contact us to take part in this.

You can access the COVID-19 Crisis: Global Knowledge Base For Startup Ecosystem Actors. It’s free. Simply register to use the database so we can curate and please make sure to contribute your actions with the Knowledge Base entry Form. We will regularly update the Knowledge Base.

It’s in times of crises that we appreciate having a community and we get even closer to one another as we have the opportunity to help and get helped.

Our team has rolled up our sleeves with other activities and analyses. In addition to the global impact startup survey, we are writing a series of articles such as a White Paper on The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Startup Ecosystems as well as the Impact on China’s with a 50% drop in VC funding. New measures soon to be launched. More on our website.

If you are excited to get more involved and join our mission to support ecosystems all over the world, and to discuss new ideas, please contact us at or ping me on LinkedIn.

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