Impact Insights for Startup Supporters

Quantify And Communicate The Impact Of Your Support Program

Creating a successful startup is an art. Accelerating a group of startups successfully is even harder. By applying our tried-and-true founder survey to accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces, we have an objective way to quantify a Startup Support Organization or Program’s impact and collect the data to prove it.
  • Validate the Value You Add
    Understand how well you build culture and attract and activate resources to better market your program and focus improvement efforts
  • Produce More Scale-ups and Exits
    Ensure present initiatives and investments have positive outcomes to attract the best founders
  • Use the Largest Knowledge Base to Benchmark Your Program
    With 10,000+ founder surveys and support from GEN, Crunchbase and 300+ partners, you receive results compared with data from 30+ ecosystems worldwide
  • Garner Deep Insights with a Very Light Lift
    We supply all survey communication materials to keep your participation copy and paste easy
  • Receive Insights Privately
    Results are only communicated via an aggregated and anonymized dashboard and not shared or published anywhere to protect your program and startups
  • No Cost for SSOPs and Startups
    We are funded by governments and foundations to grow startup success in ecosystems all over the world and helping you supports our mission

Scientific Knowledge of How to Accelerate Great Startups

Startup accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces are a combination of factors: starting from the companies participating in your program.

Through a founder survey, we collect and analyze a series of factors, benchmarking your data against startups taking part in a similar program, or not taking part in a similar program, so you can market yourself on what is working and focus on improvement efforts. The Impact Insights allow you to rigorously and objectively quantify your program performance to attract better founders.

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