Ecosystem Development and Programs

Best-Practice Policies and Programs To Drive Action

Developing ecosystem growth and leadership capacity through an independent network of world-leading experts. The complexity of startup ecosystems calls for focused, staged efforts and smart investment based on specific context. Instead of introducing a wide range of policies and programs all at once, we acknowledge resource constraints and carefully prioritize actions for growth.

  • Take Leadership in Developing Your Ecosystem
    Work with renowned experts who have founded and led successful innovation agencies before
  • Grow Your Sub-Sector Strengths
    Data-driven strategies to help you take effective action through focused programs
  • Activate Your Corporate Assets
    Take advantage of our knowledge and networks to build meaningful corporate engagement programs
  • Solve Your Early-Stage Funding Gap
    Implement proven methodologies to grow Angel and VC investment from within and abroad
  • Activate Your Universities
    Leverage best practices to build a strong talent pipeline and fix brain drain issues

It helps us understand the shortcomings of our ecosystem and what we need to do to address them.

Ian Klugman

CEO Communitech Waterloo

From Data to Action

Considered the new science of startup ecosystem assessment, we point to key gaps in startup ecosystems and prioritize actions to take in addressing them. Together with global thought leaders and ecosystem development experts, we define robust strategies and implement programs to drive lasting change. Work with us to to address a wide range of challenges, such as funding gaps. Rely on us to strengthen entrepreneurial skills with founders and build capacity for professional growth mentorship, and foster collaboration between corporations and innovators, including respective international knowledge transfer.

It helps us know our strengths and weaknesses, engage our startup community and get data to build on & develop.

Santtu von Bruun

Competitiveness and International Relations Head, City of Helsinki

Engage Your Community

Developing an ecosystem implies activating multiple parties involved on it, starting from the startups. With data from over a million companies across 150 cities and more than 10,000 founders surveyed every year, our represents the voice of the entrepreneur. It's validity helps engage local players, including investors, policymakers, universities and community builders who understand the importance of taking specific actions to help startups be more successful. Once the key strengths and weaknesses of your ecosystem are clear, your community can make better decisions and take coordinated action towards the same goals.

Startup Genome keeps us on our feet and makes sure we pursue improvements to our ecosystem wherever we can.

Stephan Kuester

Head of International Consulting, Tech City UK

Fast Track Strategy: Accountability and Expertise

National Innovation Agencies can very positively impact startup ecosystems, when well-structured, resourced (expertise & funding) and playing the right roles. Or it can get in the way. 

Organically building expertise and experience takes years, costing a lot in reduced effectiveness. We create programs to build your organization's team and expertise,  structuring it to be playing an ecosystem leadership role effectively in coordination with the relevant ministries. 

Let's Work Together

Contact us and learn how to deploy our leading assessment in your ecosystem to identify the most authentic avenues to push the local startup economy forward.