Ecosystem Assessment and Reporting

The Numbers You Need To Prioritize Your Efforts

Ecosystem development can be a fuzzy business. We made it a science. Without reliable benchmarks or data, innovation policies and programs often don't result in expected economic impact. Our leading entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem assessment methodologies guide policy executives toward sound decisions to develop more talent, startups, and scaleups.

  • Ecosystem Identity
    Quantify the performance of your Sub-Sectors of Innovation and identify specific strengths
  • Voice of the Entrepreneur 
    Largest primary research with founders to enable deep understanding of actual barriers for growth
  • Global Visibility
    Attract startups, talent and investors through our Global Startup Ecosystem Reports and other publications
  • Insights and Benchmarks
    Review precise and standardized metrics to align local stakeholders through objective analyses
  • Global Network Discussions
    Join private discussions and working sessions with top notch leaders, policymakers and ecosystem leaders 

We love Startup Genome because of the their ambition to really collect and map data from global ecosystems. For us in Frankfurt, it provides us the right structure to local measures we should and have to take to grow our ecosystem locally.

Sebastian Schäfer

CEO Tech Quartier, Frankfurt

Data as a Common Ground to Key Stakeholders

In Frankfurt, our research engendered detailed scorecard on key gaps, vertical and horizontal strengths and other metrics, drawing insights from global lessons and benchmarks. 

This significantly informed its region’s strategy to multiply their number of startups. 

Driven by our research, our roundtables brought ecosystem leaders together, establishing a common ground for local key stakeholders to collaborate.

Startup Genome not only helps in understanding the basic pillars but also networking among our peers nationally and internationally and build relationships so we can support each other.

Mark Anthony Thomas, New York City Economic Development Corporation

Senior Vice President, Partnerships at New York City Economic Development Corporation

Network with Global Leaders

Collaboration is key to building great ecosystems. We aim to enhance global connectedness amongst world leaders, building the global startup ecosystem as one community. 

Many of the world’s leading governments and innovation-focused organizations have joined our knowledge network to cut through the complexities of startup ecosystem development and fuel sustained economic growth. Our global network brings together global thought leaders to interact and learn from each other.

We came across the Startup Genome Project and some things which really attracted us were the amount of data the company has and the fact that they talk to founders and entrepreneurs to get the assessment of the community which we didn’t find in any other dataset.

Jon Nordby

Director of Strategy, Houston Exponential

Founders-Driven, Global Benchmarks

After looking at a lot of data and studies, Houston Exponential's Jon Nordby said "it was very difficult for us to find a true assessment at the city level which shows where our ecosystem is matched to other cities". Upon finding about our work, they joined us motivated by the science behind our data, including the fact it's driven by entrepreneurs. In Nordby's own words: 

"Their initial report and the ability to benchmark our performance year over year on what our progress is, in terms of certain metrics, helped us understand how effective our policies and programs are and what kind of programs should we launch in the future."

Let's Work Together

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