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Our partners have been the essence to our report for over 6 years.

Together with GEN, CrunchBase and over 250 partners in 50+ cities and 28 countries, we’re building the world’s largest body of knowledge to assess ecosystem resources and identify proven solutions. Our members share opportunities to network, compare efforts, glean inspiration, and connect directly with ecosystems that face similar challenges. Join in on the expanding wealth of collective expertise.

Thank You, Partners (Coming Soon!)

Our partners have been the essence of our report for over 6 years. Our partners are critical to our work. We team up with city leaders, accelerators, coworking spaces, founders, and policy institutions of all sizes to build a global network and drive local change that has a lasting impact on economic growth.

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Fueled by primary research with 10,000+ startups annually, we support local ecosystem leaders building consensus for action on key challenges. Our past work has reached millions of people and appeared in leading business media such as The Economist, Bloomberg, and Harvard Business Review.

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