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The new Startup Genome UI

September 12, 2013 by Shane Reiser

Through the hard work of our good friends at GoodTwin and our rockstar lead developer Chris, we launched the new Startup Genome UI last night:

New design

We gave the community pages an entirely new look that merges the “map” and “list” views into one digestible experience.


The filters slide-out from the left so they get out of your way. Filters now include industries, organization type, founded date, number of employees, amount of investment raised and a toggle to show only companies that are hiring.


Every city, state and country has a statistics dashboard. Click on all the graphs – they’re interactive.


User profile pages got a new look too.


Everything is responsive. Use Startup Genome on your tablets and smartphones.

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Work in progress

The Startup Genome website and dataset are each a work in progress. If you find a bug or encounter something that looks wrong, let us know.

Our volunteer curators around the world are consistently refining the data in their communities and can always use more help.

Who’s curating your city? Should it be you?

Get your community’s map started or help the curators in your city make your local map even better.

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