Startup Ecosystem Lifecycle

We’ve developed a new Lifecycle Model to measure the performance and stage of ecosystems to provide local stakeholders with strategic guidance on focus areas at every growth stage. Based on our global survey of thousands of startups across 56 ecosystems—public data and data partnerships such as CrunchBased and DealRoom—it reveals insights on each startup ecosystem in context with their global peers. This knowledge empowers regions everywhere to take timely, informed actions that guide the most impactful use of limited local resources, and to propel through the lifecycle’s four phases: Activation, Globalization, Expansion, and Integration.

Startup Ecosystem Performance Model

To create lasting change, local governments need to look beyond foundational investments and make careful long-range investments that take the long-term performance of a startup ecosystem into consideration. Our comprehensive research evaluates global startup ecosystems and identifies actionable areas based on 9 key factors: Performance, Funding, Talent, Resource Attraction, Market Reach, Startup Experience, Global Connectedness, Corporate Involvement, and Founder Issues.

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We offer the genome of developing a well-resourced, high-performing startup ecosystem—we help you quantify what stage you are at, and we then can give you the tangible policies and activities to help you accelerate through the lifecycle.

- JF Gauthier, CEO Startup Genome