What's new with Startup Genome? - Week of June 9

A list of new features and bug fixes since our last update.
Startup Genome
on June 10, 2014
Here are some of the changes to Startup Genome since our last update:

  • Huge performance improvements. The site is now dependably fast.

  • Integrated Amazon CloudSearch. Drop-down search suggestions "just work" now.

  • Finally cleaned up all the bad CrunchBase data.

  • Straight-up got rid of our homepage. Now when you navigate to, you are taken to the map of the city you're in. (this is super convenient on mobile)

  • Launched API 2.0

    • Cross-origin requests (with a valid API key)

    • POST updates to the API

    • Generate your own API keys at

    • Much faster than API 1.0

  • All U.S. addresses are now run through SmartyStreets for increased accuracy.

  • Organizations can now have "chapters." As a bonus, a sexy map page is generated showing an organization's chapters. Ex: Startup Weekend's chapter map. TO manage chapters, click "Chapters" when editing your organization.

  • Map pages improvements:

    • Simpler, full-screen design

    • Just one search bar searches both locally and globally

    • Improved the zoom and area-bound default settings

    • Switched to MapBox for map imagery

  • Extended logged-in sessions. Hooray! - you no longer have to log back in every 30 minutes. And when you log in, you are taken back to the page you were on instead of the homepage.

  • URLs are now short and user-friendly (e.g.

  • Lots of improvements to the responsive design. Everything should work on mobile now.

  • Fixed the confusion between a company's investments received vs. investments made.

  • You can now enter public (in addition to private) LinkedIn URLs on your profile.

  • We removed the long list of social media links when filling in your profile. Now just enter a link and we automatically identify what it is.

  • Multiple jobs at the same company look better on profile pages.

  • You can stop emailing Shane to ask for a password reset. Click "Forgot Your Password?" on the Sign In page. 

Up next: Angel List integration, drastically faster CrunchBase syncing, and API sandbox

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