Weekly Startup Community Roundup: 01/05/15

As we roll into 2015, here's a roundup of startup community news in the last week. Features include Las Vegas, Maputo, and Tallin.
Startup Genome
on January 05, 2015

Welcome to the first community roundup of 2015. The new year is off to an exciting start as CES is coming up this week and featuring lots of international startups. Here is some of the other news we've found in the last week from startup communities around the globe.


Maputo (Mozambique): Startups have Plenty of Room to Grow in Mozambique


Malina (Philippines): Looking Back at the Most Funded Startups Last Year


Tallinn (Estonia) - E-residency Could Change the Entrepreneurship Game

Thessaloniki (Greece) - Fashion Startup Boosts flagging Textile Industry

Middle East

Jerusalem (Israel) - 2014 a Banner Year for Startups, with over $15B Raised

North America

Boulder (Colorado, USA): Review of the Top Startups in 2014

Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) - Building a Startup Paradise in Sin City

Miami (Florida, USA) - Top Tech Stories from 2014 in Miami

Savannah (Georgia, USA): Local Business Owner Wishlists for 2015

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