Weekly Startup Communities Roundup: 12/29/14

Startup Genome
on December 29, 2014
As we round out 2014, there's been a lot of great news from startup communities around the globe. Here's our last roundup of the year, including exciting news from all corners of the globe.


Lagos (Nigeria): Here are the African statups that rocked 2014, including from Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana.


Bucharest (Romania): Romania is setting sights on becoming a tech capital for Europe.

Middle East

Dhahran (Saudi Arabia): Built on state oil money, Saudi Arabian startup culture grows.

Jerusalem (Israel): Bringing Jews and Palestinians together to build a startup city.

North America

Kansas City (California, USA): Looking back at the year in Kansas City startup businesses.

Oakland (California, USA): Why Oakland's tech startups are a game-changer.

Raleigh (South Carolina): The Triangle in 2015--business and entrepreneurship predictions.

South America

Santiago (Chile): 9 Latin American startups to watch in the next year.

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