Weekly Startup Communities Roundup 12-01-14

Here's a look at some of the news about specific startup communities around the globe. Tip us if your city's got exciting news lately.
Startup Genome
on December 01, 2014
Each Monday, we bring you a round-up of our favorite articles about startup communities around the globe.


Hanoi (Vietnam): Sometimes it's worth staying in your local market; for Vietnamese startups, it's a bad decision.

Singapore (Singapore): If startups in Singapore seem overrated, it's because they have to be in order to survive.


Copenhagen (Denmark): It's cold during the winters in Copenhagen, but these startups are just getting hot.

Dublin (Ireland): While the city's booming with global tech giants, it's struggling for startups.

London (England): The Tech Census aims to revolutionize government policy toward city startups.

Stockholm (Sweden): This Northern European city has become the second biggest startup hub in the world, after Silicon Valley.

North America

Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA): This Southwest city has a plan to become the best city for entrepreneurs in the US.

Atlanta (Georgia, USA): Coming under the microscope, Atlanta is now the number one city for neuroscience startups.

Cleveland (Ohio, USA): Once a booming city for entrepreneurs, this Midwest city hopes to rise again.

Los Angeles (California, USA): With an 'in-house' venture capital fund, LA hopes to motivate city employees to become entrepreneurs.

Mexico City (Mexico): Where "The Valley" and "VC" have very different meanings among startups and entrepreneurs.

Phoenix (Arizona, USA): Tech moves east, as some major startups capitalize on the energy (and funding) around Arizona State University.

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