Startup Genome and the Dublin Data Initiative

We're excited to announce our involvement with the Dublin Data Initiative, the first wide-scale mapping of Dublin's vibrant startup community.
Startup Genome
on December 17, 2014

Here at Startup Genome, we've repeatedly discussed why we think mapping and tracking startups in a community is valuable and beneficial. That's why we're very excited to announce the beginning of our ongoing partnership with the City of Dublin to launch a wide-scale mapping project of the Dublin startup and stakeholder scene.

Called the "Dublin Data Initiative," our aim is to support Dublin Commissioner for Startups Niamh Bushnell in her goal of creating a dynamic and growing database of relevant startups, support organizations, stakeholders, and more. Not only does this information help those within the community understand how their ecosystem is working, but it helps them turn that information into actionable opportunities for growth.

The data collection effort itself will bring the community together under a common goal. -- Shane Reiser, Startup Genome CEO

Bringing together both public and private organizations around the Dublin area, we're confident that we can help Dublin gain recognition as a city with great infrastructure, support, and opportunity for startups. Many large companies have taken up residence in The Fair City. Having more information about the small and mid-size startups that have also moved in will benefit the entire community--and the global community of startups, too.

Read more about the Dublin Data Initiative from Silicon Republic.

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