Product Update 12/5/14

Startup Genome
on December 05, 2014

New Features

  • Stats page (in beta). See example of Omaha
  • Added time slider to the Stats page
  • Added "other" to Industry Chart
  • Built a Statistics API. It's not public yet. If you want access, email [email protected]
  • Not everything was timestamped in our system. Now it is. This is the first step towards an upcoming feature that will let curators see the full history of all changes to a company or person and easily restore any previous state.
  • Imported people from Angel List's API and increased the speed at which we import startups from Angel List
  • We now pulldown WHOIS data from startups' websites

Bug fixes / Small improvements

  • Fixed: Companies headquartered in other cities were showing up on the stats page (thanks @GeoffWood)
  • Improved: https:// enabled
  • Fixed: Founder ages on the stats page were wrong
  • Improved: Added notations to charts and maps noting how many startups were not shown because of missing data issues
  • Fixed: Signing in through Twitter or LinkedIn was broken
  • Fixed: Duplicate positions on people
  • Fixed: Some curators couldn't add acquisitions
  • Fixed: Some curators couldn't delete people
  • Fixed: Some users couldn't save Suite/Apt # on addresses
  • Fixed: Some organizations weren't displaying on maps
  • Improved: Email addresses weren't unique across people and organizations
  • Fixed: Curators couldn't delete duplicate locations from the database
  • Fixed: If you had an error when trying to add a new startup, you won't anymore
  • Improved: On the statistics page (beta), the Funding and Top Industries charts were loading slowly
  • Improved: Changed the Funding chart to a bar chart instead of a line graph
  • Improved: The Funding and Startup growth charts were made the same size and aligned
  • re-labeled some mis-labeled charts for more clarity

+ 86 other small improvements we won't mention as to not overwhelm you

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