#GSER2019: the Top 30, the Next 30, and the Hottest Areas for Startups

What will you learn from the new #GSER2019 to be released at TNW?
Dane Stangler
on April 25, 2019

In less than two weeks, Startup Genome will release the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (#GSER2019). Produced with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), the report features the most comprehensive research and insights into startup ecosystems, startup sub-sectors, and startup success.

Here is part of what we are excited to share:

  • Top 30 Startup Ecosystems: This will be our first overall global ranking since 2017. Find out what ecosystems are on top, what ecosystems have moved up, and what places have cracked the leaderboard for the first time.
  • The Next 30: We're in the midst of tremendous growth in the global startup economy, and seeing that growth spread to more and more parts of the world. What up-and-coming ecosystems are potentially in line to be tomorrow's top 30 ecosystems?
  • Life Sciences Rankings: For the first time, we're doing a separate analysis of startup ecosystems in Life Sciences, conducted in partnership with Hello Tomorrow. Our CEO, JF Gauthier, offered a preview of the Life Sciences analysis at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in March.
  • Startup Sub-Sectors: We look at what sub-sectors (AI, Fintech, Gaming, and so on) are growing the fastest, where growth is slowing, and which areas offer the best opportunities for startups and investors. And we share what under-the-radar ecosystems are emerging hubs in different sub-sectors.

The new report is set to be released May 9 at The Next Web (TNW) conference in Amsterdam, and we're also thrilled to be participating in TNW. If you aren't already planning to be there, grab a ticket and join us! In addition to our main stage launch of #GSER2019, there are two other reasons you should go.

First, the Delegations program. This is an outstanding opportunity for public and private leaders to showcase startups from your ecosystems, and help them build Global Connectedness with peer founders. Second, and related to the Delegations program, we're helping bring together government leaders from around the world at the StartupCity Summit, which takes place the second day of TNW. This is where lessons get shared, relationships are forged, and key insights are spread that will be leveraged into helping startups across the world.

Don't forget to sign up to receive your copy of the #GSER2019 and we hope to see you at TNW!

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