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Startup Genome
on February 09, 2011

All of us have been struck by the amazing learning experience being in Silicon Valley. The ecosystem that has evolved here is so advanced and unique that over the last 30 years it has been the single most influential driver of innovation globally. It is fair to say that the Valley is the "holy land" of technology entrepreneurship. 

It is our belief that entrepreneurs are the world's most influential force for positive change. A recent Kauffman Foundation study showed that nearly 100% of US job growth comes from highly scalable startups. At the same time more than 90% of all startups fail. Imagine for a moment if we could make the multi trillion dollar market of new venture creation a few percent more effective by improving the overall success rate of startups. These few percent cumulated over time could be what allows the world to reach escape velocity from the problems of our era (clean water, renewable energy, poverty, disease, aging, climate change and education).

The goal of the Startup Genome project is to crack the innovation code that has made Silicon Valley the global center of innovation. Solving this puzzle not only has the potential to raise the output of Silicon Valley to heights never seen before, but would allow the magic of Silicon Valley to be shared with the rest of the world. We believe the success of the Startup Genome project could mark the beginning of a new era, an era we are calling the Entrepreneurial Enlightenment.

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Help us realize this vision

We have laid the foundation for the Startup Genome Project by creating a system that allows us to the synthesize best practices for creating successful startups. We've combined insights from many thought leaders including Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, Janice Fraser, Eric Ries, Sean Ellis, Dave Mcclure and Geoffrey Moore; with Steve, Alex and Janice directly supporting the project.

We've established our methodology by engaging with 50+ technology startups in Silicon Valley. Our early prototypes suggest significant improvements in focus, iteration speed, time to pivot and effective outreach to mentors & service providers. But in order to take the Startup Genome Project to the next level we need a much larger dataset to validate the work that has been done so far. You can contribute by filling out the survey. It requires about 5 minutes.

Once you fill out the survey, we will send you a comparative analysis within 2-3 weeks that shows you other startups that are similar to you and gives strategic recommendations on topics such as what metrics to track. As we recieve more data we will be able to make more targeted recommendations and predictions in areas such as business models, relevant content for what you're currently executing and much more.

In the next few months we will release the results of our research and sometime soon after that a first version of a software product leveraging the Startup Genome. 

If you would like to learn more about the formation of this project see our post: Introducing the Startup Genome

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